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Business and Management Consultancy

Providing niche consulting to clients on business advisory, strategy & support.

We aims at supporting organizations in all of their internal managements and adapting nicely to the different changes of transformation. At EMCUAE we provide a collective 360 degree view for the organization’s complete collective efforts.


Successful organisations very well
understand the utility for evolving
fast. We, can very well help you speed
your plans to achieve your goals.

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Operational efficiency can often lead to
compromising the customer experience.
We optimise your business to generate
cost savings

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Every sustainable organisation will
require to transform an aspect of
its business to continue to thrive.
we can help reduce the challenges

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UAE Company Formation Specialists

UAE Onshore Incorporations

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Corporate Finance

Timely availability of finance and the right mix of debt and equity becomes a critical factor in determining the successful operations of any enterprise.
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Management Services

EMC has necessary expertise as a well diversified consulting group focused on providing a wide range of management consultancy services.
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Project Management

EMC aims to provide maximum satisfaction to its domestic and global clients through value creation by helping them to choose the right mix of funding based on in-depth analysis of diversified risk strategies in today’s global
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Corporate Debt Restructuring

EMC has vast experience in the field of Corporate Debt Restructuring. We are well versed with the preparation of the CDR proposals & working with the lead banker appointed as the Monitoring Agency.
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Corporate Strategy &
Business Policy

In this global world of today, businesses are faced with newer challenges for their survival and growth.
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